Monday, June 17, 2013

"Marvellous Mirren..."

Posted by PicasaLast week, another trip to a National Live Theatre showing at a local cinema.
 This was Peter Morgan's " The Audience", portraying the Queen's weekly meetings with 12 PM's at Buckingham Palace,.
........Fiction, yes, but sometimes it was perilously hard to separate fantasy from reality!!

Mirren WAS marvellous, gracing every decade beautifully: with her expressions, mannerisms, clothes ( WOW!) and her impeccable regal demeanour.

AND my favourite PM was, without doubt, Richard McCabe's Harold Wilson...there was a particularly "cosy" scene when Harold visited Balmoral....we see him in comfy armchair, tartan rug tucked around him....and we  see the Queen solicitously pouring him a G+T!
AND, to me, Edward Fox as Winston was close 2nd, followed by a fine Maggie, by Haydn Gwynne.
ALSO liked the inclusion of Elizabeth as a child: a kind of Chorus, predicting her very own future.

A fabulous production indeed.


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