Sunday, May 19, 2013

" Monty Don Mooches Down To Malpas"

Monty Don....a guy much appreciated by several of my friends....AND probably not JUST because he's a fascinating gardener...visited Malpas on Friday as part of the Malpas Art and Literary Festival. ( )

This Festival is now in its very successful 3rd becoming an annual  juicy staple of life in the Cheshire countryside.

AND in a packed ( standing room only for some..) marquee, Monty conversed with Diana Mather ( writer, TV producer, also an instigator of MalFest)......AND it'd be true to say you could've heard a pin drop...or should I say "a small trowel drop"?

 Posted by PicasaSO Monty talked about his life,  his gardening, his writing and his work in general....and the enormous audience loved it...and I imagine a return visit would bring back the hordes!

After all, his lovely home in Herefordshire is not ALL that far away, is it....!??!


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