Sunday, April 21, 2013

" A Stunning Role...... For A Longtime Star"

I thought I knew Lenny Henry.....
Long standing comic, noisy Guffawer, crazy presenter of TV shows, co-founder of Comic Relief.
That's your lot. That's what I knew, what I thought I knew.

BUT THEN  I heard how he'd made the most brilliant of Othellos for Northern Broadsides.....
How his talent for Shakespeare had emerged like sharp triumphant arrows flying to some theatrical bulleseye.

THEN someone I know saw his "Comedy Of Errors"........and she was equally riveted. AND believe me, THIS ( particular) LADY is not easily riveted...
SO when he was coming to Theatr Clwyd( )  in a production of "Fences" ( director: Paulette Randall, associate director for 2012 Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, among other things) we had to go.

" Fences" was written by August Wilson ( hailed as "perhaps the greatest American stage poet since Tennessee Williams")  and was 1st produced in 1987.

AND this play provided Lenny H with the most superb of characters and which he gave a performance that stunned us.
Movingly, tragically, amusingly...only a handful of years back, he was an Undiscovered Actor....
BUT  he's now well and truly DISCOVERED.
Thank Heavens indeed!!


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