Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Babes At The Zoo...."

Posted by PicasaThree trips since Christmas to Chester Zoo.
 I love going on crisp bright wintery days...and there's been a few of those lately.

 AND several animal babies have been born...and it's good to meet them....BUT aplopogies if I miss out any little ( or big!) new creature....

There's a baby elephant, born  3 weeks ago. And after a voting process involving us public, she was christened " Bala Hi Way" . "Hi way" is a family name...and there are now 4 generations in this family at the zoo.

NEXT: a baby giraffe. She's a pure Rothschild giraffe called Kanzi, born to mother Dagmar. THIS is excellent news as there's now less than 670 Rothschild giraffes left in the wild.

NEXT: a baby Black Rhino. Chester Zoo now houses 8 black rhinos...and these are earmarked as critically endangered species...

NEXT: a baby Sumatran Orangutan. The parents, Emma and Pulah, are part of the European Endangered Species prog. This ties up breeding betwixt zoos to keep up genetic diversity....

Now, when are we going again?......



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