Saturday, February 02, 2013

" Writing Class: Film Stars For An Afternoon!"

 I mentioned in previous posts ( Oct 3rd, 17th) how my writing class were creating pieces for Grosvenor Museum's landmark Exhibition on Medieval Chester...

SO last week, some of us were filmed reading our stuff in the lecture theatre...beneath massive paintings, beside crimsom walls...and in sight of a bust...looking incredibly like Sir Richard Branson...although I WAS gently informed that it was actually Oliver Cromwell..

We had a super afternoon.
Film maker, Louise,  was SO patient ( eg. pausing, while clutches of schoolchildren rushed about in the entrance hall with a couple of bare-legged Roman soldiers...and also tirelessly searching the Museum for the source of weird whistling noises in the pipes...)

AND, of course, it was good to see Sue again, Director of the Museum, who came last October to talk with us in Hoole ...and gave us lots of thoughts and inspiration.
* The snap shows Carol ( surveyed by Oliver Cromwell) reading her piece for filming.
* The Exhibition takes place a the Grosvenor Museum, Chester, from May 4th until Sept 22nd.
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