Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Merry/ Peaceful Christmas....!!"

                                                        Visiting Father Christmas

" Different Faces ...."

Off to A Rock Gig in M/Chester....
Backgammon: A Serious Proposition...
Tristram Hunt visiting Chester

"A Frosty Blue Skied Day At ERDIG..."

                         Grandpa And H, wearing dressing-up hats found in a summer house  at Erdig .
                 This is a National Trust House and Estate on the edge of North Wales.
H, riding the Wolf in The Wolf's Den...

" Little Theatre's Christmas Party..."

Chester Theatre Club Christmas Party...Fun And Games as usual...!
Andy ( Games Organizer Supremo) with Charley 
                                                          Jane With Christmas Tree                  
                                                     Delys, caught on camera!          
Hilary and Malcolm, in fine fettle

John, last seen in Breaking The Code...
Ann, Antlers and Santa hat
                                                    Ray and Laura, what moves !

                                          Fiona, explaining something intricate to John and Marian...

Fiona and Antony

Hide And Seek....UNDER The Bar!
HIDE AND SEEK: A Quizzical look from John McKay ( IN the Bar) 
Rhapsody In Blue: Laura, not hiding, so she must be Seeking...! 
Baby, It's Alright ( probably!) Now!" 
Andy The Organizer's Table...but I think he must be away organising...
" Just A Minute"...(Owen, Jane, Ray, Delys) with Andy Asking the Questions....
Here's Fiona Answering the Questions.
An Excellent Party after a Season of Excellent Plays! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Hoole-igans, Hogging The Ballroom...!"

Russ and Rebecca, grinning cheekily at Head Of Table... 
Sue P and Lyn enjoying a chat....
Derek looking exceedingly mischievous....
Judith and Sue T, mulling something over....
Carol and Sue B, merry as ever....
Kath and Marigold (no idea what M's trying to say!) but they're full of christmas cheer!  
Rebecca and Neil looking pensive........
Chrissie and Mike, poets both....
Sue B and me, gob smacked on camera 
My WRITE STUFF ( ie The Hoole-igans) had a fun Christmas Lunch at the Golf Club....we took over the Ballroom.... and hugely enjoyed ourselves....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Guess Who Is THREE!?"

" Hmm! Christmas Is On Its Way ALREADY!"..."

Christmas Lights switched on in the streets of Hoole ( part Of Chester) last Saturday. 
Here's son G ( wearing green scarf/brown cap... with pink clad A on his shoulder!) ) 
plus L and G.... accompanied by 1 big friend and  2 little ones and an assortment of flags..... 


Chester Theatre Club's new production of " Breaking The Code" by Hugh Whitemore  ( based on the book " Alan Turing, The Enigma" by Andrew Hodges) plays this week to packed houses and it's  receiving much deserved standing ovations. 
***This is a SUPERLATIVE  production of a superlative play***. 

John Henry, 20 something(?),  as Turing, the guy who broke the German Enigma code at Bletchley Park, is appearing at the Little Theatre for the first time...and already his is work admired.
*** The Whisper is: JOHN HENRY Will Be Known!***
The play was skilfully directed by Jane Barth. 
Other parts triumphed too, particularly Laura Monkhouse as Pat Green. She is another clearly talented young actor.  

"Poets And Picnics ...."

My group ( The Hoole-igans....or officially, W.E.A. class: "Write Stuff" ) had visitors recently.

Local poet Jane Mack talked about her connection with writer Laurie Lee. This was particularly apt as 2014 is 100th anniversary of his birth. We heard lots about Lee, but no time to hear Jane's own work, which is always a treat. Hopefully another time.

Last week, Cheshire Poet Laureate (2006) Joy Winkler visited. She celebrates publication of her anthology " Stolen Rowan Berries" ( referring to childhood adventures!) and we heard several of her lovely poems, many based on her obvious appreciation of flowers, plants and the natural world. These were illustrated beautifully by Karen Rossart.
Joy also treated us to a couple of workshop exercises, based on her poems. We had some both  inspired AND inspiring results! Looking forward to another visit from Joy ASAP!

** See my post when Joy work-shopped for Friends Of Chester LitFest in February 2013.** .


November is NOT usually a picnicking month......UNLESS one is wrapped in coats, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, vests...well at least that's me......
BUT  on November 11th, we went to Theatr Clwyd for a Lunchtime Picnic Play.

They're held in The Clwyd Room ( not outside!) and you can choose to either loll on a huge and colourful cushion right by the actors...or you can sit more sedately at a table...while chomping on your sarnie...your apple...crisps...PLUS the biggest piece of cake In The World...or at least in Wales...

4 actors read a vivid assortment of writing from 1st World War ( prose, poetry, newspaper reports, formal letters, personal letters, diary entries) and this  gave a wonderful insight  into thoughts and feelings of people who lived through this traumatic time..

***Picnic Plays cost £3 for the performance PLUS £5 for a generous picnic in a generous brown paper bag...***

Here is my class at work. 
There are 20 Hoole-igans altogether, so this is just a sample. 
From Left: Russ, Derek, ( I THINK there's someone betwixt me and Derek...but not sure!) then me, Rebecca, Sue P, Carol, Neil, Mike W, Elizabeth, Gill, Sue B and Judith.
Then I think it's either the head of Marigold...or that of Pam!!

Liverpool's superb new EVERYMAN THEATRE........

A visit to new EVERYMAN Theatre, where we saw " Hope Place" a play by Michael Wynne, chronicling lives of residents who live ( fictitiously, of course!) just down the street from the theatre.... 

In the glossy new Everyman bar we found Liverpool writer Deborah Morgan ( Debbie) and it was lovely to see her again. She's visited Chester during its LitFest and also talked at Malpas Festival about her book " Disappearing Home", published in 2012 by Tindal St Press.  
See Blog Post : May 31st, 2012.  

APLOPOGIES for omitting this post. It was hiding shiveringly n a draughty corner amongst my drafts! 


Chester Theatre Club 's production of two of Alan Bennett "Talking Heads" was well received .....unsurprisingly...
BECAUSE the 2 actresses were Delyse Rostron, absolutely stunning as Irene Ruddock ( " The Lady Of Letters") plus newcomer to Little Theatre ( but much acclaimed locally , particularly with TipTop Theatre Company) the vivacious Marian Newman, playing sherry loving vicar's wife, Susan. 

Directed by John Turner and produced in the new Salisbury Studio, the most suitable of venues....