Wednesday, February 27, 2013

" In The Heart Of Lakeland....."

 WHEN I'm in the heart of Lakeland, I'm used to something taking my breath away......the grandeur of mountains, the vast skies, the shape of trees.... the colour of leaves.....BUT last weekend was different....
BECAUSE in the heart of Lakeland is a shimmering surprise: a modern Buddhist the grounds of Conishead Priory, a large Gothic mansion, set in gardens and woods stretching down to the beaches of Morecambe Bay.  
AND the Temple, where visitors take part in courses in Buddhism , Meditation, or pray for World Peace... contains the largest bronze Buddha statue ever cast in the West...AND the Temple itself gives a view into Buddhism which is both precious ..and , to me, extremely novel...( see snap)
Conishead is 2 miles out of Ulverston, only 30 mins from the M6...and visitiors are clearly welcome whenever...See
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