Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Those Ladykillers........Donkeys' Years On!"

Posted by PicasaMy folks saw the original  film in the long-ago 50's. They loved it!  They laughed for days as they reminisced at breakfast over our porridge/boiled eggs/toast/ marmalade... with silly grins on their faces.
(My brother will probably vouch for it.)

SO ON HEARING there was to be a 2013 production at M/Ch's Lowry, I reckoned The Time Was find what all that joliity/hilarity was all about....

AND yes, this production was old-fashioned comedy at its traditional best....including Michelle Dotrice, brilliant as the dotty Mrs Wilberforce .....and Marcus Taylor ( stepping in last minute for Clive Mantle...I hope his ear is better now) was Just Right ....

The audience was MATURE....Hmm...there was lots of clicking of specs cases...of walking sticks to trip over....of rushes ( well, gently fast walking) to loos in the Interval.....and I can't help but think many folk  came to see what THEIR folks were giggling about all those years ago........! 


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