Sunday, May 19, 2013


Here they are, the Condomines and the Bradmans....about to start their seance with the crazy amazing Madame Arcati ..... who aims to link them up to many a Blithe Spirit.....
AND last evening I witnessed the whole creepy spine-tingling performance at Tiptop, The Forum Studios, Chester.....where Noel Coward's play will run until next Saturday ( May 24th)
The play is produced by Mark Newman and you can glimpse it on:
...I guarantee you'll enjoy this lively and hilarious version of a Noel Coward classic.
From L: with hands shiveringly flat on table: Bill Robertson, Jane Chance, Pat Pearce and Ray Bengree, awaiting blithe spirits.....    SEE:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear what's going on in Chester. We used to live there some 15 years ago and have a great fondness for the city. Good theatre was always one of the real bonuses! We love living down here in Wiltshire, but we still visit "up north" sometimes. I do find Wilts a great inspiration for writing though :-)

2:47 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Hello Liz and thank you for posting.
Lovely to hear from an appreciative ex Cestrian!
Re your comment re theatre: we've some great amateur ones ( e.g. Chester Theatre Club/Tiptop) but we ALSO need a theatre/cinema in the CENTRE of Chester too....right in its suit all ages/interests/experiences...
AND YES, there's a wonderful Art Deco Odeon, her beauty fading as we speak....standing alone and empty... while folk debate/discuss/delay......she should be rescued, loved again... ASAP.

9:23 am  

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