Sunday, May 19, 2013

" Fay Weldon Warms Up Marquee With Her Wonderful Crinkly- Face Smiles!"

Posted by PicasaON FRIDAY, a longtime favourite writer, Fay Weldon, CBE.....(over 80 years old and as effervescent as ever).....came to Malpas Arts And Literary Festival ( to talk with us about her writing and her life....

AND WOW!.....Ms. Weldon's is a packed life....AND as she recounted her adventures, it burst at the seams with her wonderful joie de vivre.....
And as she talked, her face-crinkly smiles warmed the room....sorry, warmed the marquee....T'WAS a little chilly....but the marquee was an ultra glam one ( frills an'all!) which sort-of madeup for the chillinesss...!!
AND we listened, we exclaimed, we clapped.... and we laughed as Ms Weldon entertained her vast audience with her witticisms, her wisdom.... and her well-practiced words about writing.

AND.... ( another WOW!)..... I was lucky enough to have lunch with Ms Weldon, probably over a decade ago...and believe me, her charm has diminished not a jot.  She is still very much a People- Person ....which is , I imagine, one of the secret ingredients of her writing recipes...
AND let me add: I'm NOT a Lady Who Lunches Prolifically ( I slurp the odd Hot Choc in Carluccio, Chester.....) BUT that particular day at least 10 yrs ago, I was introduced to Ms Weldon. ....and it was a pleasure to meet her....before she entertained the audience at Chester Literature Festival.

Friday was a super session. I hope she returns to Cheshire soon,....well before another decade passes...!

** Ms Weldon has written 3 novels in 2yrs. Her latest one is " Long live the king", the 2nd in her " Love and Inheritance" trilogy.


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