Sunday, May 19, 2013

" Past Times For Future Generations...."

Last week, the landmark Exhibition at Chester's Grosvenor Museum opened ( see snap) and as my writing group ( "lovingly" known as the Hoole-igans....coz we meet in a place called Hoole) were involved, we were invited to the Launch.

This was a fabulous session. We examined many of the exhibits... ( although we definitely need another trip!) ....and we also heard presentations from the main organisers of the entire exhibition.

It was also a delight(!?!) to see some of us on videolink reading our work as part of the exhibition....and also some of the group had their work decorated by a very talented group of local calligraphers.

AND I hope we can be involved with the Grosvenor Museum again soon....
LOTS more re Exhibition on:


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