Monday, June 17, 2013

" Re-visiting The King and His English Anna!"

I saw " The King And I"  years ( and years) ago... on a hot August afternoon in a little cinema on the Wirral.
With me was my mother, my brother and my Best Friend, Jane-Elizabeth. We'd been picnicking on a beach and our (Clarks) sandals were full of sand..... and our cheeks still glowed from the sun... but Jane-Elizabeth and I were in Heaven. We loved it! We loved it.

AND all the way home, we sang in the car. Then later we sang in the bath ( individually).... the King of Siam was MAGIC, as was the lovely Anna, and so too, the little Siamese children.
Years later, on hols in Thailand, I imagined we saw the same children giggling together in the streets of Bangkok.....

"The King and I" epitomised romance! It was based on a 1944 book by Margaret Landon, called ( evocatively) " Anna and the KIng of Siam" This was a story of unspoken love, that between English governess, Anna Leonowens, who went to Siam to teach the children of King Mongkut in the 1860's.

AND THIS SATURDAY, we visited Theatr Clwyd for a Tiptop ( ) production of Rodgers/Hammerstein's classic 1951 musical: "The King And I"....and the delight was exactly the same.
This was a First class show, with strong voices aligned with strong brilliant colour, spirited dancing, humour and the odd little bits of sadness.... All lots of fun, wrapped up with lots of delicious songs we've heard often over the years...
Look forward to next years Tiptop production at Theatr Clwyd!!


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