Monday, June 17, 2013

"HEY! We Had A VIsit To Hay!"

While in Wales and a couple of weeks AFTER the world famous Hay Literature Festival, we arrived in town.....OK, we DID know it was over, so stop sniggering please!

There were no writers performing, of course......or selling their just-published books..... OR expounding their plots..... OR revealing their Characters.....OR talking on stages to adoring fans...BUT there were still lots of bookshop, galleries, craft shops, cafes, delis to enjoy.

This snap shows the Richard Booth Lion Street, Hay...the centre of town...., where we spent a good hour pottering and browsing.

This, the largest bookshop in Hay ( and there are many!) has 3 floors crammed with books. : 2nd hand, antiquarian and brand new.

And recently, a killing was made in this enticing the form of " Johnson's Dictionary" ...a 6th edition, published in 1778, selling for £2000.
 And said to be:" Remarkably free of foxing OR browning....."
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