Tuesday, July 26, 2011

" Liking It Lots: In Perfect Summer Setting"


Last week, we picnicked at Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, Chester, while watching a colourful performance of Shakespeare's " As You Like It".

The evening was fine and when twilight gave way to dark, fairy lights twinkled... in the tall green hedges while music played... and songs were sung...and the atmosphere ( as we sipped our wine and then our coffee) was as enthralling as the story.

This play, dating from 1600, was packed with highly talented actors...recognisable from worlds of stage/screen. It was classic comedy, presented in more or less traditional style....yet interlaced with spicy surprises......keenly executed by an attractive cast..

Set in the leafy Forest of Arden...( brilliant trees....See snap!), the cast paint us sizzling pictures of love, power, betrayal, with glimpses of much more... lingering betwixt the ongoing humour and the strong and vivid characters....

The theatre produces 2 plays this July/August, both in the park. The 2nd is " Merlin and the Woods of Time", is a new play by Glyn Maxwell. Hope to make this.

Details: www.chesterperforms.com OR contact info@chesterperforms.com

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