Wednesday, June 08, 2011

"Mr Morrissey's Macbeth in Merseyside"

The wonderful Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, closes its doors shortly while its massive £28m revamp takes place.
The new Everyman , hopefully " A New Everyman For Everyone", will emerge in 2013. You can check out developments on

And the final major performance before closure, was given to Liverpudlian David Morrissey, playing a passionate Macbeth in Gemma Bodinetz's ambitious production , now on stage at the Everyman until June 11th.

Lots of unusual touches (which I know didn't work for everyone, although most did for me) ....
AND as well as enigmatic Mr Morrissey, long time favourite, there was a strong cast, including Richard Bremmer ( fine as Duncan, Doctor, and particularly fine as Porter) plus the superb Gillian Kearney, who played a seductive witch ( who nearly drowned at one exciting point!) and a perfect Lady Macduff.

Mention must be made too of Julia Ford, who stepped in 3 weeks before the play's opening, because Jemma Redgrave left the cast. Ford was firstly a gentle and sweet, soft spoken Lady Macbeth ( almost TOO subdued in neat Jean Muir type navy dress!) but by the end, Ford produced a compellingly psychotic and very bloody Lady M which astounded us all..

An innovative production.
I'm sure Everyone looks forward to our new Everyman with much pleasure...


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