Saturday, June 18, 2011

"The Most Wonderful Of Shrews...."

IF they'd produced it, the RSC would've been proud of this production. Mighty proud.
And here it was 12 miles from home.
I was lucky enough to see it at Theatr Clwyd, Mold, North Wales, a couple of weeks ago.
It was one of the best, if not THE BEST, event I've seen at Theatr C. And believe me, I've made visits to Theatr Clwyd for ( ahem!) many years....

The evening was a riot of laughter and colour and superb drama. Terry Hands as Director totally excelled. AS did Designer, Composer, and everyone else. I'm not exagerrating...

The stage was constantly alive: with laughter and storytelling provided by a cast of superb actors, who wove the tale of lovely Bianca and crazy Katherina... with many touches of sheer MAGIC.

The principal stars were Aberystwyth born Hedydd Dylan as the most unforgettable of Shrews AND also of course the exceptional Steven Meo, equally unforgettable as Petruccio.

My friends and I loved it. And again, I'm not exagerrating: THIS WAS A BREATHTAKINGLY BRILLIANTLY MEMORABLE evening....

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Blogger Fennie said...

Hallo Jan,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog which has been sadly neglected while I struggle to direct (and produce) with Temporary Shelter and then I'm doing the Rivals straight afterwards at the end of July although that is just a staged reading in the open air.

Never been to Theatre Clwyd - it's a long way away and Stratford is nearer (and Cardiff nearer still) but feel that perhaps I ought to go one day. Rain and Shine Theatre Company - a touring company whose virtues I regularly promote - did Taming a couple of years ago and excellent it was too.

6:24 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Just found this and thanks Fennie. I'll look up your company . You are clearly a busy lady!!
My city likes touring companies so good to read all about you.
It's more RAIN than SHINE here at present.

8:50 am  
Blogger Jackie Luben said...

Hi Jan,
Good of you to call in to my blog. I've just returned from holiday and have hundreds of photos, but can't even think of looking until I've dealt with the post and the washing & ironing.

Our holiday was in Israel, initially because of an invitation to a wedding there. Strange to say, the bride was originally from Cardiff.

4:24 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Good to make contact again.
I neglected blogging for ages but am improving...
only marginally, but that in iitself is an improvement....
What a wonderful place to go for a wedding..

8:05 am  

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