Friday, November 01, 2013

"Mesmerized By Maisie..."

This film heralded ( trumpeted!) an amazing new star.....

Oneta Aprie played Maisie.....a perceptive, gorgeous child, caught in midst of her parents dire custody battles......and Oneta's handling of this intricate role was exceptional. 

The film is a superb rework of Henry James novel " What Maisie knew"....and it's set in New York, with Julianne Moore as the rock star mum and Steve Coogan ( everywhere at present!) as the successful art dealer dad.

Both parents are utterly absorbed in themselves. Moore, playing a brilliant, edgy Mum, is said to have studied rock star mums for clues to her portrayal....and this pays off.
This, to me, was her best role ever.

ALL IN ALL.....a superlative film indeedy.....Posted by Picasa


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