Friday, September 27, 2013

Kolvenbach's " Love Song" : SUPERB!

Posted by PicasaHere's 4 fine actors, starring last week in one of the most fascinating ever productions at the Little Theatre

They were: Alison Knott, Rhiannon White, Sam Bramhall and Andy Hutchings......who doubled as Director Hutchings.

The play?
 " Love Song" by John Kolvenbach, a quirky, zany......( certainly) emotional play.... that since its 1st performance in 2006, has stirred up controversy and chitter-chatter.... amid bubbling differing opinions.

 But in essence, it's a story about relationships.... about people who have, in varying ways, met difficulties...AND it's also an amazing look into a rather amazing, troubled mind....

There was strong language and crazy music and surprising lighting....all adding up to a very interesting experience indeed....
*** AND MOST IMPORTANT: Delys Rostron ( She'll be directing Neil Simon's " California Suite" In November....starred in her own mini role as a superbly dotty/very likable waitress called, I think,  Betty ...) .

 "California Suite" ( Neil Simon) Nov 16th-23rd,
" Beauty and the Beast" (Lucy Kirkwood) Jan 18th-25th,
" Honour" ( Joanna Murray Smith) March 15th-22nd,
" The Lark" ( Jean Anouilh) May 10th-17th
 and " The Real Thing" ( Tom Stoppard) July 5th-12th. More detail on website.


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