Friday, September 27, 2013

" A Cornish Triangle...."

Posted by PicasaThis is a painting by AJ Munnings (1878-1959 ) of his Lover, Emily Browning.

My father liked Munnings. And when on holiday in St Ives, Cornwall, we visited Lamorna, where the Newlyn School settled  its arty community.

In later years, we've had LOTS of trips to Cornwall, sometimes 3 in 1 stark Mid-Winter, in glittering Autumn, in shimmery Summer....although these last few years, we've been really pathetic..... and scarcely visited Cornwall AT ALL....
But recently we saw Christopher Menaul's film " Summer in February" adapted by Jonathan Smith from his novel bearing the same title. I've bought the book but have yet to read it.

Great cast: Dan Stevens ( similar role to his Downton one!?) plus very lusty Dominic Cooper and very lustrous Emily Browning.
They tell the tale of Florence.... and her two wildly contrasting Lovers, gentle Gilbert and crazy, unfaithful, gorgeous ( I think so!!) Munnings.

The film is actually a very lovely period piece. Wonderful glimpses into the lives of both artists and the people of Cornwall.... in the early years of the last century... .
I shall watch it again...AND read the book! 


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