Thursday, July 18, 2013

" Stephen On Stage!"

Posted by PicasaI recently enjoyed a showing at a local cinema from The Globe Theatre, London.
 THIS WAS Shakespeare's " Twelfth Night", complete with an all-male cast. It included Stephen Fry, back on stage after his walk-off 17 years ago from " Cell Mates"  This was badly reviewed.... and supposedly knocked Fry for six....

This production was A TREAT. The entire cast were superb: Fry himself , as Malvolio, showed us his flair and his subtlety ( although possibly not though his stunning yellow stockings!!) ....and Mark Rylance was a flawless Olivia....he created a genuine woman of many genuine parts...... in fact, Olivia was SO LIKE a long-departed friend of my mother ( particularly in her/his voice, inflections and mannerisms).... that I shivered to the soles of my FatFace socks...

Great set ( BUT how could the Globe FAIL???) great music ( wonderful old instruments, musicians on balcony) and great acting from Liam Berennan, Johnny Flynn, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Samuel Barnett, Paul Chahidi ...... and the hilarious Roger Lloyd Pack a wonderful Aguecheek.  


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