Thursday, July 18, 2013

" RISE!.....Gill 's New Collection...."

Gill McEvoy,talented Chester poet, performer and poetry events organiser, launched her new collection recently.

This took place at Alexander's, Chester, where the appreciative audience.....packed with Gill's friends as well as plenty of other poetry lovers.........clearly enjoyed Gill's poems.

The book is called  "RISE" and it's a treat of a book, brimming with Gill's moving, beautifully crafted work.....revealing her thoughts and observations..... through her customary, superb use of language.

"RISE" is dedicated to 3 local hospitals, plus a hospice. Several years ago, Gill ( with immense strength of character and a bravery that touched many) faced ovarian cancer. She's now clear and it's VERY true to say she lives her life to the ultimate.  And Gill's writing is essential to her.... and appreciated by many.

"RISE" is published by Cinnamon. See


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