Friday, September 27, 2013

" Looking At Lipman At Theatr Clwyd.."

Maureen Lipman came to Theatr Clwyd ( ) last week, starring in a new play by Oliver Cotton, with Harry Shearer and John Bowe.

It's a play for the "older actor"...the characters all in their 70's.... and the three characters are European Jewish Americans living in Brooklyn.

 Two of them ( a married couple) are addicted to Ballroom Dancing...BUT ...Ahem!....from what I saw, I don't reckon there's much chance of them winning " Strictly"......
The general themes are about injustice, atonement, how we relate to each other over decades, how we hide our broken hearts....and the play begins with the return of Billy, brother of Joe......who is long-married to Elli......with whom Billy had a secret passionate affair donkeys years ago.

Good to see Lipman in the flesh! 
AS ever, her terrific characterization, with her zany but tender humour  shining through..... 


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