Friday, November 01, 2013

" Chester Mysteries At Liverpool Cathedral"

In July, Cestrians enjoyed the Chester Mystery Plays in the glorious setting of Chester Cathedral...
THEN in October, there was "A Second Coming", so to speak, at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. 

For 2 nights, many of the original cast starred in a slightly abridged version of the summer production....much to the delight of a new audience of Liverpudlians...and many who wanted to taste a second helping.

Grandson G took part a jockey again and a Noah's Arc crocodile ..but this time, he was also jauntily perched atop the Tree of Life.....where he caught the apple tossed over to him by the gasps from a riveted audience... 

Once again we thrilled to this breathtaking production...and look forward to 2018's offering with relish! Posted by Picasa


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