Sunday, November 01, 2015


I am very gradually catching up with my posts.....please bear with me....( whoever reads this, although to be honest, I've not much idea who does!) 
The title of this Performance from Chester Theatre Club ( in LitFest Fringe ) was compelling:
 " With Flowers In Their Bayonets".
AND IT WAS was based on WW1 writings from women ( something I've long been drawn to) and beautifully created by Jenny and Paul Shryane, 
Extracts used were chosen from "Women and The Great War" ( ed. Joyce Marlow) and " Scars Upon My Heart" selected by Catherine Reilly.
ACTORS were: Elliott Anthony, John Henry, Zoya Ivanova, Toria Jones, Alison Knott, Ann Massey, Ellie-Mae Smith and Liz Stafford. 
Music was by Catherine Harrison, mother of John Henry.
We had a moving/thought provoking afternoon, watching/listening to this fine performance....
BELOW: John Henry rehearsing in the Salisbury Studio at Chester Theatre Club with Alison Knott. 


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