Friday, October 30, 2015

" Talking With Tim In The Town Hall..."

Last Saturday, 16 writers settled in one of the elegant rooms in Chester Town Hall.
This, I think, is ITSELF a treat!
This session was a part of Chester Literature Festival,with Tim Lott holding  a Masterclass in the fundamentals of story: for writers, clearly of different ages/different experience, which always adds a piquant flavour to this sort of session.........

Lott has had an amazing career...... which includes many facets of writing: novels, journalism, film, TV, Radio....... and many of us knew in particular his weekly column in The Guardian.
His new book is " The Last Summer Of The Water Strider" : a friend has recently enjoyed it think I'll buy my own copy ASAP.......
NB: CHESTER PERFORMS: Please arrange more Masterclasses!


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