Friday, October 30, 2015


Friends of Chester Lit Fest recently enjoyed a brilliant afternoon of both poetry AND cream teas...both equally delicious, believe me. 

Sailing away in a canal boat from The Mill Hotel, Chester, we were entertained by superb poet Jo Bell, a good friend of Lit Fest, who is always welcome in Chester.***
She performed in her usual fabulous style...many poems from her latest anthology: " Kith" 
SEE Above: Jo settles at her table with fellow poet and also canal enthusiast, Robbie Burton.

ABOVE:Elizabeth, admiring a glut of glorious cream cakes....

ABOVE: Our boat, sailing on the gentle waters of the canal at Chester...

***.I originally met Jo when she was Cheshire Poet Laureate. She's visited my Hoole-igans a couple of times, led workshops and performed for both Lit Fest and Friends, when we've had great sessions. 
She's now Canal Poet Laureate, she's been a Director of National Poetry Day, had many commissions, eg. with The National Trust, Glastonbury Poetry............Her credits are endless. 
WE look forward to seeing lots more of JO! 


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