Friday, October 30, 2015

" Beatons, Chester...Ist Mon Of The Month....9:30 am-10:30 am..

The first Monday of October saw the first session of poet Gill McEvoy's new venture. 

See me and Gill above. I' m the greedy one, scoffing the toast/marmalade. 
AND the scoffing of toast is a CLUE to Gill's new event.
Every 1st Monday of the month, Gill and friend, Annie Holland, are hosting a POETRY BREAKFAST at Beaton's coffee and book shop, situated near the Bell Tower on the Walls, in Chester. 

The Breakfast will ( funnily enough) include breakfast of choice ( £6:50) plus ample ( very ample) coffee/hot choc/tea etc. served along with the listening to...and the reading of poetry. 
Last month's theme was THE CITY. 
This coming Monday's theme is :THE ZOO. This will lead to all kinds of ideas/interpretations/...and looking forward to it.

NB: Beatons refers to CECIL and not MRS....I soon discovered this on spotting superb b/w photographs adorning the walls....


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