Saturday, October 31, 2015


Another pair of Picnic Plays performed at Theatr Clwyd one recent Friday lunchtime.

2 very short plays by ANTON CHEKHOV: " Swan Song" told the tale of elderly actor,Vasili, who falls asleep in his dressing-room.......only to be discovered later that night by the prompter, Nikita. The play features a remarkable chat between them about their lives and a fascinating analysis about much that has happened over the years......the actors were Ian Burfield and Mathew Bulgo, who gave fabulous performances...

The 2nd play " On The Harmful Effects Of Tobacco" had the audience roaring with laughter......the play took the engaging form of a lecture, given by Nyukhin, who has a "nagging" wife plus an addiction to tobacco. Christian Patterson as Nyukhin was superb.

ALL the actors were currently appearing in "All My Sons" at Theatr C. I didn't see it but heard it was one of the finest plays seen for a while...
PICNIC PLAYS: £3 to merely watch(!) + £5 should you fancy buying a very generous picnic....


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