Monday, August 08, 2011

" Seven (Biscuits) Go To The Chinese..."

Our every-few-weeks writing group " Words And Biscuits" ( we spout the words/scoff the biscuits) thrives.
I set it up 11 years ago as celebration of the new century......and much water ( like our words) has flowed under many bridges since.
Recently one of us celebrated a milestone birthday and generously treated us all to dinner at a local Chinese. Delicious food/good fun in great company.
Our ages span several decades...( and we're all very different, yet much the same, if you follow my drift...)
We come together regularly with our writing/our chat and it's a much cherished session each time for all of us ..
Here we are ( 3 Biscuits were away in other tins unfortunately...) BUT we're grinning cheesily while sampling gorgeous dishes in tasty succession...
A happy session indeed....AND Long May We Chomp On Our Biscuits!! Posted by Picasa


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