Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Red-Legged Partridge, Black-Headed Gull...."

This is Kate, Keeper of Natural History at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester, plus some of her many exhibits.

Yesterday Kate talked with my class about an exhibition she's mounting in the museum. It's called " Mountains and Molehills: Habitats in Cheshire" and it includes a vast selection of taxidermy, photographs, pictures, maps etc. Kate hopes that the class, having studied her varied exhibits yesterday, will ( at this very moment...) be creating short poems/prose for her exhibition.

2010 has been declared International Year Of Biodiversity ( the fantastic variety of Life on Earth) by the United Nations. It's something we should celebrate, understand and value. Hopefully, 2010 will go towards doing this...with the help of knowledgable folk like Kate at the Museum ...and ( fingers X) biodiversity will also be placed higher on any political agenda. The Year promises to be an exciting international project.

The Grosvenor Museum's Exhibition is in Gallery One, from May 22nd until August 30th.


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