Saturday, January 09, 2010

" Seeing The Glint In The Ordinary..."

The Sunday after Christmas saw us sitting in the cinema at 10:30 in the morning....along with 4 strangers, two of them noisily guzzling bacon sarnies... and two of them in throes of Loud Marital Disharmony... this Disharmony was SO absorbing I almost wanted the film to be delayed. However, the film wasn't delayed... and it was wonderful and if you've not seen it yet, do..
Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood (with Aaron Johnson a compelling Lennon) this film gave us a 97 mins window into the teenage years of a brainy, quirky, arty, rebellious Liverpudlian lad... and we loved every minute.
In long ago years (and more recent ones) I've known simliar young men...and Johnson's performance was accurate, truthful, humourous....AND it was also immensely moving.
Through Johnson, ( plus a bevy of fine, well-established actors) AND a superb script by Matthew Greenhalgh ( we enjoyed his film re Ian Curtis of Joy Division: " Control").....we saw an era that's long gone, we saw a part of Britain, with its codes and mannerisms, its speech patterns and its cosy, middle-class routines that's also long gone......and in that context, we saw the rise of a Rock Star ( Lennon: Rebel to Rocker)......but MOST OF ALL, we felt priveleged to be part of a Coming Of Age story ... (that of the amazing Lennon, whose music will last for generations) BUT also that of (perhaps) any brilliant but ordinary teenager we may unknowingly pass on any old street...on any ordinary but brilliant old day of our lives.
A far-reaching and beautiful new film.


Blogger elizabethm said...

Now that sounds good! must put it on the list.

9:32 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Don't forget to take some bacon sarnies along too!

8:37 am  

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