Saturday, December 12, 2009

" 5 Gold Stories ..."

Forget those 5 Gold Rings, despite the fact it's Christmas and any minute now you'll be singing about Partridges and Milking Maids and those crazy ever-leaping Lords..........Think instead of 5 Gold Stories.....Because we heard 5 Gold Stories on Wednesday at the Awards Evening for Cheshire Prize for Literature, at the University of Chester.
The Judges chose 5 worthy stories, reading parts of some, and the whole of the winner...and it was a delight. The audience listened intently... and I'm sure I'm right in saying we enjoyed them all.

The winner of the £2000 1st prize was Tessa Sheridan, an ex Cestrian, now a scriptwriter in London. Tessa's " That Going To The Zoo Thing" had everyone grinning, delighting in her words, her character. Great title, great story. We loved the feelings expressed, the gentle zany humour.

2nd was Simon Gotts ( an esteemed and popular member of Chester Writers) AND a previous Cheshire winner!
And 3 writers were Highly Commended: Diane Booth, Kirsty Logan and Heather Freckleton. Heather is a talented Hoole-igan that was Very Good News...and Heather ( the Lady In Red, see snap) has already promised to read her story in full when we're Hoole-igans again in January....
5 Gold stories indeed!


Blogger Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Lovely to catch up Jan - thanks for the writerly reports from your side of the world. Are you snowed in at the moment??

9:29 am  
Blogger Jan said...

And lovely to hear from you.
UK ( it's now Xmas Eve) is In The Grip Of An Ice/Snow Age and there's great disruption ....just hope folk keep safe on the roads

9:03 am  

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