Friday, October 16, 2009

"Alison Leonard Meets Hoole-igans"

This week,The Hoole-igans had a visit from local writer Alison Leonard.
The Hoole-igans are members of my writing workshop, who meet in a place called Hoole...hence their affectionate name!
We have a bustling class of 21; it's lively and hopefully FUN...and it includes both experienced writers and those starting out. It's very MUCH a workshop... with lots of off the cuff writing, often stimulated by a piece of modern fiction or poetry, based on looking at character, dialogue, monologue, settings, etc etc. All this results in a wide variety of styles, comments, discussion, enjoyment...
AND we were delighted to welcome Alison this week. She's enthusiastic and informative and we listened to her intently and questioned her eagerly. Alison's 's published a mass of work, including stories, books, plays and poetry. She writes for children, teenagers and adults. Her website is at: / The Hoole-igans hope she keeps in touch!
* See Alison in centre of photo, in blue, below the mantlepiece.


Blogger Kay said...

I wish I could be a Hooleigan! (just so you are aware - I couldn't make the link to Alison's site work, may be my server's fault tho' ...)

2:10 am  
Blogger Jan said...

New Zealand's a BIT too far to travel from....although the lovely Hoole-igans would welcome you warmly!!

9:28 pm  
Blogger Helen P said...

Oh Jan I live a mere stone's throw from your gathering place and only spotted the class a week or so after they'd started...
Next time maybe?

12:30 pm  

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