Sunday, October 11, 2009

" Scrumptious Snacks At Oddfellows"

Several lunchtimes (1pm) Chester LitFest ( ) hosts new writers who will talk about their work at Oddfellows**.
Still to come are: Caroline Rance ( Mon 12th) John Sam Jones ( Tues 12th) Caroline Smailes ( Tues 13th. See my post Fri Feb 20th: Caroline paid a lively visit to my writing group ) and Jayne Joso ( Fri 16th)
Also at Oddfellows is Dr Graham Atkin ( Chester University) who reads poems re God, the Devil, Heaven and Hell (Thurs 15th.)

** ODDFELLOWS is a great place.....whether listening to writers OR out on the town. Great that LitFest are using it. See
also The Guardian ( 10:05:08)

PS: I'm constantly drawn to paintings, photographs, pictures in general of people (walking, sitting, working, chilling out, just "being") on city streets ....characters who deserve a story woven around them, people who provoke questions when glimpsed WHO are they?... WHERE do they go/where've they been? ...HOW do they feel?... WHY are their clothes SO yummy/scruffy/stylish .....and WHAT has made their faces all those things faces utterly beautiful, so sad, so tranquil, so world-weary, so vivid with life...?
I've recently discovered . Brilliant! ( Look beyond the Chanel Scenes of New York life etc...and some wonderful Parisian snaps)


Blogger Kay said...

Great photos - but they're all beautiful! Where are the pics of the ugly or ordinary? I'm sure you could write some wonderful stories about the interesting, ordinary people Jan (and I'd love to read them!)

11:01 am  
Blogger Anne S said...

Coincidently, where I work in the city of Melbourne there is an old pub named Odd Fellows Hotel, which, though it's been recently chintzted up still serves drinks and food, though it was many things in its past like an opium den, or accommodation for gold rush hopefuls back in the 1850s.

I imagine my great great grandfather drinking there, as he was the bell ringer for St Patrick's Cathedral (close by) in the late 1880s.

11:04 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Quite agree re excess of " The Beautiful People"!....But the reason I mentioned this blog is partly because there are SOME ordinary, fascinating folk on it if you look around...
Lovely to hear from you Kay.

What a slice of history!
Thanks Anne.

1:11 pm  

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