Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Merry Christmas, Chester...And May Your New Year Be A Fine One! "

Here's The Cross at Chester early yesterday, when I staggered in at 8:30am.... to buy the last of my presents...and also to make the usual Christmassy raid on M&S.

I live in a beautiful city, a place of which I'm inordinately proud .
After being born and bred, schooled and married here, I'm STILL thrilled by its uniqueness: its clutter of streets, its wide elegant ones...its Rows, the river, the Cathedral with its echoey cloisters, the sandstone Walls... where I toddled as a child, giggled as a teenager, strolled with my husband, ran with my children, laughed with my grandchildren......
Chester is a changing city these days....some say not for the best...but I've got faith in this lovely place...inordinate faith (!) and my hopes are high.
We all blossom sometimes in our lives, and we fail sometimes in our lives....we stumble a bit, we stumble a lot, but hopefully ( by luck or design) we recover, we move on to new things. We retain the best of the old, we welcome the best of the new...
Chester is no different.
AND Cestrians care about Chester...and Chester cares about its Cestrians.
Let us take care of this very precious place.


Blogger elizabethm said...

It is indeed a beautiful city Jan! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas. x

5:48 pm  
Blogger jinksy said...

Interesting selection of architectural styles in the picture. You obviously love where you live!

9:09 pm  
Blogger cheshire wife said...

I hope that you had a good Christmas.

Chester is a bit of an enigma. We have lived here for six years now and certaily it could be improved. Next year maybe.

8:28 pm  
Blogger Isabelle said...

I've never been to Chester, though it's been on my list for ages. This year!

11:31 pm  
Blogger Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Never been to Chester but the picture you paint is evocative - maybe the next time I do the great trek north, I'll visit!
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

11:48 am  
Blogger Debs said...

I'm not surprised you love it in Chester, it looks very beautiful.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

5:23 pm  
Blogger Suzanne Jones said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2010. Chester is a beautiful ciy and you have every right to be proud of it.

3:48 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

Chester is indeed a beautiful city, you have ever right to be proud. Have a great 2010!

12:29 pm  
Blogger Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

A sense of place and home is a precious thing to have - and you have it in spades Jan! Happy New Year!

2:01 am  
Blogger Fennie said...

Hallo Jan, Happy New Year! Only been to Chester a couple of times though have so frequently worked around the town - Wrexham, Deeside, Wirral, etc.
But it is beautiful, I admit.

2:38 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

We did, thankyou!

Yes, a great mix.
Lots of visitors, paricularly in summer..

Cheshire Wife:
There's campaigns now to bring back city centre theatre and cinema...essential in a city like this.
Unforgivable that we're without at present...

Great to hear!

AND you have a Happy New Year too.

Good hearing from you and look forward to your blog too.

I realise too that I'm lucky to feel like this about my actual hometown..

And YOU too!

It IS precious Kay and I'm well aware of it.
Happiest 2010 to you!

You'll have to visit it one day!

3:52 pm  
Blogger Debra said...

Oh dear... you make me homesick. If we could have found the right house and school combination in 2001 I suspect we would be returning there now!I have wanderlust.. I need to learn about roots

7:10 pm  

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