Friday, January 04, 2008

" Three Wise Men Followed By Twelve Good Things About Christmas...."

First, those 3 Wise Men:
Sunday sees the Feast of The Epiphany, when 3 Wise Kings visited the Babe.
And here, folks, are three mysterious and faceless Men. It's a painting by Gisela Ueberall and it's called " Three Wise Men"
And as in so much in our lives, what's left out ( or not said, for instance ) IS actually the most crucial, the most telling...
I've always equated Epiphany with the coming of the 3 Wisemen ( magical names, glamorous ethnic pedigrees ) and as a child, images of this regal presentation to the Babe of the gold, frankincense and myrrh, fascinated me; as did the Star in the East that they followed...
SO as a child, I'd look for "The Star".......out through my bedroom window on many Christmassy nights. From my room, I could see a street lamp outside our gate; once I saw Mrs Venables ( no 12) meet Mr Clegg ( no 38) and they leaned towards each other in the glow of the lamplight, brushed cheeks, then clasped each other tight in their long tweedy coats while Harry Belafonte sang the WHOLE of " Mary's Boy Child" in the warmth of my pinky stripy bedroom; on the radio, I hasten to add. This illicit meeting of Mrs Venables and Mr Clegg was, to me, a priceless vision and probably the first time I sniffed adultery.
BUT usually from my window, I'd just see toothless fur-coated Mrs Thwaites tottering by in the foggy dark ( always foggy) with a carrier bag of gin or I'd spot one of those " SO handsome Ling boys" ( quote my mother) as he snogged yet another bouffant-haired girl... she, perched precariously on a bike with scary handlebars, starched petticoats protruding well beyond her flimsy skirts and the SO handsome Ling boy's huge grotesque saddle...
And sometimes while star gazing, I'd spot Roger Gabriel ( he of my post Wed 12th ) walking his dog. He'd look at my window, see me, look away, casually kick a stone into the gutter, then swagger off down Greenfield Rd with his highly strung cocker spaniel at his Clarks sandalled heels; his dog was a snappy golden bitch called Judith ( or was the dog called Trudi and Judith his clever elder sister?)
BUT enough.
On Sunday, ( 12th Night/Epiphany) we'll take down The Tree, cards, pretty wreath on door. We'll pack stuff away til next year. Then next yr, we'll unpack them and smile and remember countless other unpackings ...all very predictable, but safe and comforting and warming in this changing world of ours...(tissues please and I'm not apologising..)
AND WHAT about those 12 Good Things about Christmas?? Lovely things, happy times.
On my Dec 12th post, I said I'd list Good Things about Christmas, but that's enough for now and the list will follow ASAP . I've decided it deserves a whole unhurried post of its own...


Blogger Lucy said...

I have to ask, were they really called Mr Clegg and Mrs Venables? It just seems too good to be true!
Lovely post Jan, as is the one above. What a lovely life you have !

6:08 am  

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