Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Birthdays...( Part 1!)

Posted by PicasaOK,  family birthday celebrations.......for me ( who shall be ageless..)  and Holly ( aged 2!)
We like getting together for such events and I appreciate that.

These snaps ( from top) show:

Aged birthday grandmother, squashed by rumbustious but wonderful grand-babes.

Mustachioed elder son,G, sitting beside younger son's grinning wife, K, who is next to G's beaming partner, L.
The gorgeous H, just 2!

H's Birthday Party: her oh-so-proud Daddy ( younger son, R) looks on as she receives her Ballerina doll...
Cousins A, just 5, and O, nearly 5, looking suitably scary at said party....

AND last but very definitely not least: My sons' lovely ladies, L and K,,,,,,,


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