Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Something For The Weekend?? The Hairdresser Said To My Uncle Harry..."

SO MANY films are geared to Baby Boomers....varying in appeal, quite frankly(!)....BUT we had to see this one...." Le Weekend" 

Jim Broadbent, a long time favourite, came up trumps....but then he always does...( DID you see him in  "The Copper's Tale" this week???) and his co-star,  Lindsay Duncan is a treat... 

There were lovely images of Paris plus intimate peeps ( one particularly so!)  into a long time marriage...there was no noticeably strong plot ...but like many short stories, this film glimpsed into a relationship...glimpsing the fact that even long relationships.....ESPECIALLY long ones, you might say..... should move with the times...BOTH their own private times and their own well as the public times and changes...

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