Sunday, December 22, 2013

"17 Hoole-igans Scoffed In A Ballroom...."

Posted by PicasaMy creative writing class...nicknamed The Hoole-igans ( coz we meet in a place called Hoole)
supposedly called " Write Stuff" ( by W.E.A )....BUT henceforth we're to be known as "The Right -Stuffers" after our Christmas lunch at Upton Golf Club last week.
Here's some of the cast ( from top): Pat, me, Elizabeth.
THEN: Brian and Sue, followed by Judith, Murielle and Pam, then Elizabeth, Neil and Rebecca,
next Michael, Russ and Mike ( sticking together, the Traitors!) and lastly ( BUT certainly not least by a long chalk!!)..Gwen, Carol and Gill....


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