Friday, August 17, 2012

" 3 Cheers For Open Air Theatres!"

AND ALSO ( as The Man said:  "Three Cheers For Our Olympiads!" !)

The last Friday of the Olympics, a beaming guy in the audience at **Chester Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre**, stood up at the start of the play and yelled: " Let's have 3 Cheers for our Olympiads!!" , much to the delight of actors and audience alike..

 AND I suppose this is an example of the wonderful warmth/intimacy ( not to say, the surprises!) created by/to actors/audience of theatre in the open.

Yesterday lunchtime, we took another trip to the Park, where we enjoyed a chat in the sunshine with the cast of the 2 plays now running: "Twelfth Night" and Glyn Maxwell's followup: " Masters are you mad?...The search for Malvolio".
 A previous lunchtime ( a rainy one!) Director Alex Clifton ( on right in snap above) gave a spirited/ informative talk re his "directorship" of this company, assembled for a 6 week summer run in Chester.
And yesterday was a great idea to meet the talented and eloquent cast too. See them above!
**Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre was created by Chester Perfornmes( **


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