Friday, July 27, 2012

" A Rare Balmy Evening....!"

There's nothing like sipping wine on a balmy evening......and enjoying talented actors in a superb production...
THIS we did on Wednesday.

We were in Chester's Grosvenor Park for an evening  performance  of " Twelfth Night", with Cestrian Alex Clifton as Artistic Director.

BUT unfortunately I'm enclosing a lousy snap....aplopogies, certainly doesn't do justice to this happy versatile and enegetic production..

The Open Air Theatre was created by ChesterPerforms .
THIS is  " a diverse, multi-disciplinary producer of arts projects in and around the city" .
See website for details of their juicily varied events.

AND THIS was indeed a fine production. Wonderful performances in particular from Mathew Roxon ( unmistakeable son of Mathew Kelly!) as Malvolio and Scott Arthur as the irrepresible Sir Andrew Aguecheek.
There was comedy....lots of a twisting typical Mr Shakespeare plot...oodles of ingredients for a tasty evening...along with the noodles ( of our friends) and the sarnies ( of us)!! Posted by Picasa


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