Tuesday, July 10, 2012

" Beware: Men With Paintbrushes! "

Last week, another success for Chester Theatre Club.***
Lisa Miller skilfully directed "Art", Yasmina Reiza's compelling play about.......yes,  the nature of art....
It's also a stylish comedy tied up with the complex intricacies of male friendship. And believe me, these intricacies were superbly revealed last week...
Serge buys a painting...a wonderful plain perfectly white painting...and the drama revolves around this piece of "art"...along with the lives and opinions and relationships of three very different longtime friends...
SEE cast above, from left:  Cassian Wheeler ( Yvan) Ray Bengree ( Marc) and Brian Gorman ( Serge)

ALSO last week: I saw local writers group " Script to Stage" perform a showcase of their juicy bitesize plays. The plays were directed by Gail Young, whose play " Cheshire Cats" was published last year by Samuel French... and has raised lots of welcome money for breast cancer charities.

*** Chester Theatre Club is at: http://www.chestertheatreclub.co.uk/    


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