Thursday, June 07, 2012

"Making Patterns In History..."

I first saw this amazing Caraveggio painting in art class at school. My friends and I thought it was MAGIC.

As was the first hearing of Stravinky's " Rites Of Spring" in a music class.... and  Holst's Mars, God Of War in another...

BUT watching the Thames on Sunday, many of us had the same wonderful first-time thrill.

THERE, in full view...sprawled our modern day 2012 river...thronging with boats and ships, royalty and sailors, oarsmen... and folk in boats just chugging along.
AND as the rain pelted, the Queen stayed majestic, the Little Ships sailed and the Embankment rang with rowdy cheers. AND Warhorse cantered and whinnied on a theatre rooftop, trumpets played,  tall ships soaking singers, hair plastered to beaming faces...sang jubilant songs and made age- old music in the rain.

Brilliant. Another River Pageant..uncannily like the Caraveggio.
But Monday was a first " in the flesh"...and no doubt, a last! for me..
Unforgettable....even on a TV nearer the Dee than the Thames!

**ADDED Saturday 9th: Just read Times journalist Caitlin Moran's piece re Jubilee Mania. Superb, particularly her review of the BBC's commentaries...and especially one mentioning my lovely Canaletto: There was a shot of 2 rowing boats and Caitlin quotes BBC's Paul Dickenson: "Certainly a Canaletto moment...all powered by the human shoulders, back, arms and legs"  ..........
OK, we know exactly what he meant, how utterly impressed he was, BUT....!


Blogger Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Lovely! I enjoyed seeing it on TV too. Robert and I were in Britain for the 25th Jubilee (silver). But didn't really see any festivities as such ... I remember the bunting and being introduced to the concept of street parties. (Loved, btw, looking at the photos in your prev. post of your own street party ... )

3:28 am  
Blogger Jan said...

How good to hear from you!
I haven't called anywhere lately but shall certainly enjoy inspecting your news ASAP!
Thank you for the visut.

8:58 am  

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