Sunday, November 20, 2011

Large As Life: Cast From " Turn Of The Screw"

Here's the cast from Chester Theatre Club's ( latest production.
This was " Turn of the screw" by Ken Whitmore, from the 1898 story by Henry James.
There are lots of contrasting interpretations about this play. There are lots of differing opinions as to " what it's REALLY about" the story weaves itself around characters who inhabit ( or visit or HAUNT) a country house called Bly.......
AND the audience are left wondering......drawing their own conclusions........left to go home to ponder on whether they've watched an ethereal ghost story.... or a psychological thriller on the nature of evil.........or a tale of the mind's darkest of trickeries.
My personal jury hasn't come out on I'll read the story again...on a dark icy wintery night ( with a glass of whisky to hand?) ......with my cat close by... so I can clutch her fur and hear her comfortable friendly purr..
AND most important: Children Julian Hornbrook ( Miles) and Rebekah Bentley ( Flora) deserve particular mention for their talent and enthusiasm.
They'll be haunting other stages before we know it......


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