Monday, October 31, 2011

" Yarns In The Afternoon...."

Essar Oil Chester Literature Festival, in partnership with Upton History Society, held an entertaining afternoon indulging in the telling of YARNS!

AND what wonderful yarns they were!!

Here's the "panel", along with Lynne, Chair of LitFest Friends ( on far left) : m'self, who had a jolly time chairing ( betwixt coughing!) plus 6 lovely very dignified, very elderly folk, all well over 80, and 3 in fact galloping along ( very proudly!) in their venerable 90's!

They were: Arthur Cooper, Frank Whaley, Gladys Wooton, June Williams ( daughter of George Mottershead, who founded Chester Zoo) Vera McCleod and Joyce Cook.

It'd be true to say I went home royally entertained....but also very moved by the stories and the characters who told them.... Posted by Picasa


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