Friday, September 16, 2011

" Fancy A Writing Workshop? Consider These!"

My Blog break was short but sweet..
Here's something special. Chester LitFest's Performance Saturdays October 22nd/29th.
THE FIRST SATURDAY features 4 WRITING WORKSHOPS led by 4 talented writers.
They're crime writer Margaret Murphy, poet Gill McEvoy with fellow writer Judy Ugonna, plus northern poet Clare Shaw and there's also Mike Garry ( from "Apples and Snakes")

Each workshop will be a creative session with lots of enjoyment promised ....whether you're in your glittering prime OR long past it.......IT REALLY TAKES ALL SORTS....of people, just as much as events.......TO MAKE A FESTIVAL!

For full details of workshops, the whole Festival, and also the 2nd Performance Saturday ( Open Mic, Rina Tillinger/Di Hanning-Lee, Chester Poets, young Crime Writers...and the final event: Chester Debating Society:" The Book Is Dead!") .......SEE

PS: Saw the new film "Jane Eyre" this week. Fabulous. Perfect casting/settings/even Mr Rochester exactly as my teenage imaginings when I first read the book........


Blogger Suzanne Jones said...

How I wish I lived nearer Chester.

I've only seen the trailer for the film, but it does look good.

8:42 pm  

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