Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Frolicking On The Dee"

Dragging a raft up a teeming weir is all part of the fun in Chester's annual Raft Race!

It takes all sorts...but the Rotary Club who organise this, raise lots of money for various charities ( this year, Age Concern) and spectators get lots of laughs ( as well as soakings from hosepipes, watering cans...)

This year the theme was 007. The Dee glittered with crazy characters from the films/books and we enjoyed a lively carnival atmosphere.

Worth going to next year!

PS: Thanks to GAC for snap.


Blogger Catherine said...

They have an annual raft race on the river here - a much smaller river - but it is for children. The occasional adult takes part, but only if they have children as an excuse :)
I must get some photos next time

11:39 am  
Blogger Jan said...

Children can provide excellent excuse for a lot of fun stuff, can't they??!

6:53 pm  

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