Monday, November 06, 2006

At last....Slovenia!

Two weeks ago, with our longtime friends Geoff and Lorna, we walked in the lower meadows of the wonderful Juliijske Alpes.
We climbed between banks of birch trees in valleys glowing with October; gold, orange, ochre, crimson.
We listened to silence and peace and we watched it and it warmed us.

Two weeks ago, we saw gunmetal skies, we saw rosy ones, skies still smiling with summer.
We saw Lake Bled in twilight, as day darkened and the castle on its island sparkled with lights.
We put the car on a train early one morning and were carried from Bohinj to Tolmin through long dark tunnels carved a century ago into the Alpes.
We saw where the landscape changed, where it spread itself out into terraces of vines, where it glittered with late summer sunshine. We neared the borders with Italy and we marvelled at the change, at the differences, at the beauties of two distinct neighbouring lands.

So much to see and so much to say. Enjoy the snaps.


Anonymous geoff said...


What wonderful descriptions of your stay in Slovenia. It brought back lots of happy memories of the many experiences the four of us packed into those few days.

I also came across a little bit of writing I did on an earlier visit to Slovenia. Here it is:

"One appealing feature of Slovenia is the variety of landscapes in such a small country. We spent most of the time in and around the Triglav National Park in the north-west corner. Here are dramatic limestone peaks and deep glacial valleys, beech woods, gorges, waterfalls, alpine pastures, chalets, wood-stores, hay racks, decorated beehives and old farmhouses. There are well-signed tracks and an excellent system of alpine huts.

There are many medieval towns in Slovenia and even the larger industrial towns have historic centres. The architecture is largely from Central Europe, with many Austro-Hungarian buildings although you can also find Venetian towns on the small Mediterranean coastline.

Ljubljana, the capital is a gem, a mini Prague, without the hordes. We walked into the centre through Tivoli Park and a district of small houses and allotments down to the river. The Saturday market was in full swing, with stalls selling fruit, vegetables and a variety of traditional crafts and Easter gifts. A woman in traditional dress sang haunting melodies in a crystal-clear voice.
Right in the centre of the town in Mestni Trg, just by the Town Hall, is an old-fashioned clothes shop with a window full of ladies’ cardies. How long can this little family shop remain in such a prime site? It stands there putting two fingers up to commercialisation. Try to visit this country whilst it still retains its wonderful character and traditions".

8:12 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Thanks for your fine words , Geoff. They were appreciated.Slovenia inspires; she warrants our memories.She's a very lovely land and I hope we can return. THAT WAS A VERY LARGE HINT.
And as for the cardy shop...there was a fetching beige number in the window the other week, probably exactly my size...

8:33 pm  
Anonymous clare said...

Good set of pictures, Jan. Looks like you all had a reat time. The weather looks ideal for walking too.

12:53 am  

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