Monday, November 06, 2006

Writers At The Little Theatre

Last week Chester Theatre Club invited me to take along some writing friends to perform stories and poetry for their regular Tuesday Club Evening.
Ten of us appeared at the Little Theatre with our offerings; the audience are a lovely mix of ages, interests etc and all appeared to enjoy us. They certainly laughed appropriately and, indeed, turned grave appropriately... This was our third visit and we're asked again for March.
Two of the directors, Jane and Lisa, take part as they also write and the other performers are either in Chester Writers ( more of that soon ) or in one of my WEA Creative Writing groups. We perform a mix of poetry and prose, different moods and genres, so hopefully there's something to appeal to most of the audience.
I'm enclosing a picture of another good evening at the Theatre; that's me on the right, with my brother Andrew and friend Tricia on the left. We're in the Bar, which has been newly refurbished and is much appreciated after the plays by cast and audience alike!


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