Monday, October 16, 2006

Four Out Of Five Fifteen Minute Stories Left To Enjoy

Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, I'll make sure that I'm sitting in the kitchen ready to listen to the Radio 4 short story.
Each afternoon this week, Radio 4 runs a programme "Manchester: Original Modern Stories" in conjunction with Manchester Literature Festival 2006.
They're producing five fifteen minute stories about places Mancunians may walk past each day and never actually see, never actually think about... These include Chethams Library, M/Chester Police Museum, the Godlee Observatory, Sangam Restaurant in Rusholme and The Gaskell House. The places chosen have all been important in various ways; life-changing decisions may have been taken within their walls, or private dramas acted out inside them.
Five writers from the city wrote the stories; they are Jackie Kay, Sophie Hannah ( daughter of Adele Geras ) Nicholas Royle , Rajeev Balasubramanyam and tomorrow is the turn of Amanda Dalton.
There is a website for the Festival on:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughtful posts - I dropped by the other day but didn't leave a comment - remiss of me. Thanks for visiting me! I will be back :)

6:54 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

All the Radio 4 stories in the Manchester Literature Festival will be read in their actual setting. The story today was " Her Things" by Amanda Dalton; it was read in M/Chester Police Museum by Sarah Parks.It told the tale of retired policewoman Audrey who had become a Volunteer at the Museum.
Some wry touches described Audrey's tedious life eg clearing out her mother's possessions after her death was "like unblocking a drain"...And when at home Audrey relaxes,she "nudges" back into the sofa...I love verbs that do lots of work!
Amanda Dalton has written a wonderful poem called " How To Disappear".which begins:
"First rehearse the easy things,
Lose your words in a high wind
Walk in the dark on an unlit road" and later continues:
"Then childish things:
Stand very still behind a tree, Become a cowboy, say you've died
Climb into wardrobes, breathe on a mirror..."

Once upon a time I DID love standing very still behind trees, hiding from everyone!

9:06 pm  

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